26 Sep 2016

Keeping memories with a typewriter?

2016  |  We R Keeping Memories Typecast

This is the type specimen (front and back) that came with the machine.

And here is a scan of the cover of the manual and the unpacking instructions.

Here's the typewriter display at the local Michael's store. I picked up several of the ribbons and intend to get some good use out of them. As you can see with the one included in the machine, they seem to be heavily inked which is good for long-term use, even if a bit too dark at first.

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23 Sep 2016

Another try: Smith-Corona Silent

1949  |  Smith-Corona Silent  |  5S107672

You can see a "before" photo with the Office World sticker in
my gallery for this machine on the Typewriter Database.

Martha with the family Smith-Corona Silent (my first), taken on film in 2009.

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19 Sep 2016

A very green Torpedo

1959  |  Torpedo 18b  |  1095975

Araldite repairing a loose typeslug.

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I love green.

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